What is Manna?

gift-cardManna is the name of a food eaten by the Israelites during their travels in the desert. Being a gift from heaven it was both gathered and provided 6 days a week. Only what could be consumed each day was gathered. Any that remained at the end of the day would spoil so there was no need to even attempt to gather more than what would be consumed. On the 6th day enough for that day and the Sabbath would be gathered. Manna gathered on the 6th day could be consumed that day and on the Sabbath without spoilage.

Now we do not receive this type of manna from heaven but we do have a type of manna here at St. Francis Xavier. Our manna is in the form of gift cards sold each Saturday and Sunday after mass. These gift cards have a set value ($10, $25, $50 or $100). The value of the gift card is the same as your cost for the card. For example a card with a value of $25 costs $25. However, for each card sold St. Francis Xavier receives from 03% to 25% (the average is about 04%) of the cards value. Every week we shop at many of the merchants for which we have gift cards. We all buy food and gas at the local stores. All it takes is a little planning to purchase the gift cards each Sunday. By purchasing the cards you are providing the parish with a gift which has cost you nothing. This is like the manna provided by God to the Israelites while they were in the desert.

If you normally spend $35 each week on gas why not buy a $25 gift card or if you are going to the food store and will probably spend $60 purchase $50 in gift cards for the store you plan to visit. Don’t purchase more cards than you are going to use. We only carry a small fraction of the cards that are available, so if we do not have one for the store you normally shop at, please ask. Cards can be ordered for most local merchants. It may take two weeks to get them, but if enough people ask we can start carrying them in stock.

If each parish family would purchase and use only one card each week, it would provide St. Francis Xavier with much needed funds with no cost to the parishioners.

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