FCFF Materials pickup

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Family Centered Faith Formation (FCFF) will begin soon!

Please be sure to watch the video posted on the FCFF website to learn how the program will work this year.

Before the first class:

Each family should pick up an envelope with their name on it. The alphabetized envelopes are in the church on tables under the Stations of the Cross.  The envelopes contain a plastic bag with the props that will be used throughout the year, so please be sure to pick them up in time for the first class on Sept. 26.

If this is your first year in FCFF, instead of an envelope, there will be a blue bag labeled with your name on the tables in the Church.  The bag contains a Bible, a Catechism, and the packet with this year’s materials.  All existing families in the program will continue to use their bags from last year.

Covid safety while picking up packets:

Please wear your mask and stay socially distanced when approaching the tables for your materials. If there are several people there, please stand in a line with adequate distance between parties. It would be best if only one parent in each family picks up the materials.

Not registered yet?

Supplies are limited so if you wish to participate but have not yet registered for FCFF, please do so now!  The registration form is on the landing page of the FCFF website.  You must be a St. Frances Xavier parishioner to participate.  Feel free to contact Penny Giunta if you have any questions: