Monthly Archives: June 2020

First Communion

First Communion for our 2020 communicants will be celebrated at one of the following masses which will be held in the church parking lot:


  • Saturday, July 11 @ 4:30pm
  • Sunday, July 12 @ 8:30am
  • Saturday, July 18 @ 4:30pm
  • Sunday, July 19 @ 8:30am

First communicant parents – if you haven’t already signed up for one of the above dates please contact Kathy Roberts to schedule.

Volunteers Needed for Weekend and Weekday Masses

With the church providing mass service daily, we are looking for volunteers to help assist at each service.  

We need the following for Weekend masses which are held in the church parking lot:

  • 1 Lector
  • 6 Parking Lot Stewards – will direct vehicles to their parking spots
  • 6 Eucharistic Ministers – will provide communion to parishioners at their vehicles
Volunteer for Weekend Masses

We need the following for Weekday masses which are held inside the church:

  • 1 Check-In Staff – will help check-in parishioners for contact tracing, ensure they are in good health and wearing a face covering
Volunteer Weekdays


Bring your lawn chairs to mass!

Want to enjoy mass al fresco?…

Bring your lawn chairs to weekend masses!  Starting June 20 you can place your chairs in front of your vehicle to participate in the mass.

For safety please wait until all vehicles in your row have parked or wait for an announcement that you may exit your vehicle to set up your chairs.

After receiving communion please pack up your chairs and return to your vehicle.

More details here