9/20/20 Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (car park Mass)

9/20/20 Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (car park Mass)

Saturday 4:30pm Mass

Sunday 8:30am Mass (Confirmation)

Message from Fr. Karl

On Sunday September 20th at 8:30am a very special ceremony will take place in the parking lot at St Francis Xavier Parish. It will be a first in the Diocese.
The Sacrament of Confirmation will be administered by Bishop Pates to 25 young and not so young adults. In these troubled times it is a cause for celebration and a great blessing.


At Pentecost the disciples and apostles receive the courage and faith to go out and proclaim the good news. (Acts of the Apostles Chap 2) In these times we have been challenged to find new ways to proclaim the good news. We need new blood to help us do that. In a world that seems increasingly more negative and divided and where truth and fiction are hard to distinguish and where our morality and sense of what is right and wrong are questioned all the time we need good news. The coming of the Spirit is good news, the proclamation of the word of God is good news. The presence of Bishop Pates for the celebration is good news. Let us all whether physically present or watching the ceremony later on YouTube pray for an outpouring of the Spirit on all of us as we join in prayer with our confirmandi on Sunday.

Congratulations to this weekend’s confirmandi

Yoanna Catherine Barajas

Joseph Sebastian Ciszek

Hector Sebastian Corona

Jason Sebastian Garbelman

Violet Victoria Guzman

Jake Sebastian Hill

Allyson Alice Hurd

Reese Cecilia Krupa

Samuel Samuel Landa

Brianna Agnes Leon

Abigail Abigail Melero

Sebastian Peter Melero

Jasmine Dymphna Mendez

Grace Veronica Moore

Celeste Maria Reynoso

Iyanna Augustine Reynoso

Mia Brigid Sanchez

Olivia Christine Satala

Eric Joseph Schnable

Henry Henry Stafford

Kaitlyn Katharine Ward

Carson Andrew Weiss

Vivian Katharine Wyller


Kristin Ann Conley

Daniel Francis Schwert


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Lectio Divina

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Children’s Liturgy of the Word

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