7/26/20 Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (parking lot Mass)

7/26/20 Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (parking lot Mass)

Message from Fr. Karl

I have always spoken of life as a journey. When you are on a journey you meet people and you share stories. The roads are not always paved or the pathways are not always smooth. The last few months have added roadblocks, lost pathways and all sorts of obstacles.


One of the saints once said “Do not pray for an easy life but pray to be strong.” I have seen that strength in so many people. Last Saturday and Sunday brought out the worst of the weather in the cornfields. There were flying tents and equipment. At times I thought the Altar and ministers might blow away! The more the wind blew and the rain tumbled down the stronger our volunteers got. The families in their cars were full of goodwill and cooperation.


In spite of all that was thrown at us, reverent and prayerful Masses were celebrated and the first communicants celebrated their special day. My words cannot express the debt of gratitude that is owed to all. Many times I thought of that great hymn prayer “We Shall Overcome”. In the midst of chaos and confusion we succeeded and we overcame, because God was – and is – and will be with us on this marvelous chaotic journey that is life.


Praise God.

Lectio Divina

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