6/7/20 Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity (virtual)

6/7/20 Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity (virtual)

Parish Activity – Show Some Love

God so loved the world… and he wants you to love everyone too.  How can we show people outside our immediate family how much God loves them?

Following this week’s God, Family, Friends resource (see link below)…

  • Donate to your local food pantry or to the Catholic Charities Covid-19 Angel Fund.
  • Is there a nursing home near you?  Make colorful posters showing love and hope.  Put them in an envelope labeled “To our Friends in [name of nursing home] and drop them off at the front door.
  • Take a drive, a walk or ride your bikes to a place near the parking lot of a nursing home or a hospital and pray for everyone inside who is sick and for all those who care for them.
  • Take a look around your neighborhood. Is there an older person or couple who might need some help? Ask if you can mow their lawn or do something else for them. (Wear a mask if you knock on their door.)
  • Wear a Mask – nothing shows how much we care for others right now more than wearing a face mask to guard others against droplets you breathe out – even if you don’t think you are sick.
  • Think of something else you can do to show some love to people outside your family.

Tell us how you showed some love this week.  You can also include a picture or video.  We’ll create a video of everyone’s activity to be shown before an upcoming Mass.

Your input will be accepted until Thursday night, 6/11.

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