History of the Catholic Church

sfx_crossYou probably know of the many contributions the Church made to art and music throughout the ages. But, did you also know that the Church gave birth to the scientific method and the first university, and she made incredible strides in the area of medicine, architecture, language, and law? In the area of law, trial by jury and proof beyond a reasonable doubt are all the fruit of Catholic thought. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! This year the Family Centered Faith Formation program will explore the history of the Catholic Church. We’ll learn about the saints as well as the sinners in the Church’s history and how, despite some things we’re not so proud of, there’s a whole lot more to the Catholic Church than what we hear about in the media. Even if you don’t have children in the FCFF program, please feel free to join us at 11 am on designated FCFF Sundays to hear the presentations that will be given by our new deacon, Vic Puscas. The same presentation will be given twice each month to accommodate our congregation. Our first sessions will be September 13 and 20. You are welcome to come to either session. As a visual expression that we are all part of the continuing story of the Catholic Church, each family is invited to illustrate a 2” x 2” ceramic tile that will become part of a large cross which will be hung in the lower level of the Church. The tiles will be available for you to take from the narthex on September 13. You’ll need to return your tile by the end of October. There are a limited number of tiles that can fit in the cross so…..first come, first serve. Questions?? Email Penny: penny@st-francis-xavier.com  ]]>