Manna FAQ

Where is Manna sold?

Manna is usually sold at a table in the vestibule of the church.

When is Manna sold?

After each mass on Saturday and Sunday. Manna will not be sold on special Holy Days such as Easter or Christmas. Because the sales of Manna is done by volunteers the sales are also dependent on having someone volunteer to sale after each mass.

Can you accept charge cards?

Since St. Francis Xavier does not have a commercial credit card account we can not accept credit cards. However, we can accept personal checks (payable to St. Francis Xavier) and cash.

How can I help?

Volunteers are always needed. The more volunteers available the better it is for everyone. Contact Marilyn Watson via Email to volunteer. Click here to go to the Email page.

Are any cards other than those listed available?

Yes. However, these are considered “special orders”. The volunteers have a listing of all the cards that can be ordered. Click here For a full listing.

How can I place a “special order”?

Special orders can be accepted when Manna is sold or be contacting Marilyn Watson via Email. It should be noted that it can take up to 3 weeks to receive a special order and payment may be needed prior to the order being placed.

I want to use Manna cards to help the needy in our Parish.

This is an excellent way to help needy families. When you purchase the card or cards simply tell the volunteer that you wish the card or cards to go to a needy family. The card will be place in a special envelope and given to Fr. Matt to be distributed to a needy family.

How much does St. Francis Xavier make on each card?

This can vary depending on who issues the card. The average is about 3%. St. Francis Xavier pays a discount for each card (a $50.00 card cost the Parish approximately $48.50) when the card is purchased by St. Francis Xavier. Since the cards are sold for face value St. Francis Xavier would make about $1.50 when a $50.00 card is sold.

What if I want to place a large order?

Though we try to carry an ample supply of the standard cards occasionally someone will want a very large order. This can be treated as a “special order”.