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Special Second Collection for St. Patrick Fathers

There will be a second collection on June 4 & 5 to support the St. Patrick Fathers Missionary Society.  This is Father Karl’s community and it is because of their generosity of sharing Father Karl with us that we continue to be blessed by this shepherd’s prayerful leadership.

Options to give for this special collection:

  1. Donate at church on June 4 & 5 – please make checks payable to St. Patrick Fathers
  2. Donate online using the Parish’s OSV Online Giving site
  3. Mail donations to:

St. Patrick Fathers
8422 West Windsor Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Let us show our appreciate and gratitude by supporting this SPECIAL COLLECTION!

A prayer for the Community of Uvalde

Prayer for the Community of Uvalde

Loving God of healing peace,
You are the Source of all Life.
Hear our prayer for this broken world.

Comfort those who mourn
and give healing care to the hearts which are filled with sorrow.
Have mercy on the innocent,
victimized by the violence of weapons, hatred,
and the sickness of rage.

Guide us that we may all be reminded of the treasures of Life.
Help us to hold our children closer;
Greet each morning with gratitude and hope;
Love more deeply;
and share kindness instead of acts of violence.

Bless us all with your loving protection
for we are all children of God.
May we live in peace.
May we love with kindness.
And may we strive to bring the hope of Christ to all
in helping to make this world a better place.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

S. Book 5/27/22