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Hello Everyone,

My name is Sandy Book, Pastoral Associate at St. Francis Xavier Parish.  One of the areas of ministry I am part of is Adult Faith Enrichment. I would like to share with you what we have prepared for you as resources to enrich your spiritual life and well-being.

During these difficult times, we know that the normal routine of our lives has been disrupted and can be challenging. All the more reason of the importance for us to keep our spiritual health and well-being, nourished and healthy.

With the support and encouragement of Father Karl, our Pastor, we are committed to continue offering resources made available to you which enhance and enrich your prayer and faith life. In planning, we have also taken into consideration the importance of taking precaution and physical measures of safety protocol for all.

We know that your days are full for you, adjusting schedules, taking care of family, grandkids, friends…and we do not want to add more to your already ‘full plate’.  So with that in mind, we have re-designed our Adult Faith Enrichment Program to meet you where you are…whether that be safely in your home, on the comfort of your couch or at your favorite, quiet spot. We have prepared several different styles of devotion, prayer, and study for you.

For your convenience and safety, you will be able to access these Adult Faith Enrichment Prayer and Exercises from the comfort of your home, any time of day, as often as you wish, by simply a click on your computer to our parish website.

Our hope is that in offering these prayer opportunities, in this new, re-designed virtual platform, it will be as convenient and safe for you as ‘curb-side pickup’ or ‘home delivery’.

It is also our hope that we will be able to look forward (perhaps by next Spring) to again meeting together, sharing our faith and prayer with one another in our groupings as we have done in the past at Marian Lake Retreat Center.

The prayer and reflection options are all located on the parish website.

The platforms are:

Lectio Divina…is Latin for “Divine Reading”

is the practice of reading scripture and reflecting upon the text.

Each week the Sunday Gospel will be posted, along with several questions which will help you to reflect upon the scripture.

You’ll find each Lectio posted under the weekend Mass video on the  WEEKEND MASSES section of the website.

Weekly/Monthly spiritual exercises

These have prepared for you as self-guided prayer and reflection. Popular titles and publications, with timely topics have been selected.

The first book we have selected is, Why Worry, by Jeff Dunn.

Weekly exercises will be posted on the website as your companion in prayer and with reflection.  You can access these exercises at your convenience, anytime of the day or night…while you are having your morning coffee in your kitchen, or late at night after the kids and family are in bed asleep.

Suggested Reading List of spiritual books

(The publishing companies of each book is included on this list if you wish to acquire a copy…though, you need not purchase any of these titles in order to participate in our scheduled Adult Faith Enrichment Programs.)

Additional activities
  • Periodic posting of Acts of Kindness will be shared as suggestions to ways we can live out your faith. (example – call a friend, check on a neighbor, share an act of kindness with someone).
  • Periodically check the website for updates and additional activities!
  • For families with younger children, another new addition to family prayer is Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLW).  Since this past May, each week a posting of the Sunday Gospel (written in children’s language of understanding for a 3 – 5 year old) is posted in print as well as an audio recording.  A prayer or an activity for which the children may participate is also included.  Like the Lectio, you’ll find the CLW posted under the weekend Mass video on the  WEEKEND MASSES section of the website. 

We do miss our ‘old normal’ way of life, but as we know, God does not abandon His people. We each have to find our spiritual anchor in Christ. We hope the prayer options we offer you will help you to find peace and feed your spirit.

Keep Christ close in your heart…and stay well…

Sandra Book
Pastoral Associate
St. Francis Xavier Parish


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